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The Ultimate Online Influencer Marketing Course

Influencer marketing is the fastest way to turbocharge the growth of your brand. A comprehensive course to making Influencer Marketing work for you.

Why Influencer Marketing?

In the space of 5 short years, Influencer Marketing has grown by 10x as an industry. Why? Because it is insanely effective and profitable when executed correctly.

Today’s consumers live on social media platforms where influencers command all of their attention. Influencer marketing is, by far, the most authentic way to connect to your customers.

Average ROI from $1 invested

Influencer Marketing Annual Spend


Brands who believe in influencer marketing

Our Ultimate Online Influencer Marketing Course

TribeGrowth uses a tried and true 10-step process for planning and executing an influencer marketing campaign. Explore the course modules.

1. Find The Best Influencers

Discover the tool we use to scan millions of profiles to find the best-suited influencers.

2. Conduct Intelligent Outreach

Learn how to write carefully written outreach emails have high response rates.

3. Get Influencers To Come To YOU

Sit back and wait for warm influencer opportunities to land in your inbox.

4. Negotiate Promotion Terms

Learn how to structure win-win terms with your influencers. 

5. Manage Promotion Launches

Learn how to manage promotion launches so that you get the best results possible

6. Assess & Optimize Your Performance

Understand what’s working and how to make it even more effective. 

Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn

Discover how to leverage the organic audiences on these platforms using influencers. 

Answers to Your Questions

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the process of leveraging the reach of people who have sizeable audiences on various social media platforms to promote a product or service.

How much does your course cost & include?

TribeGrowth costs $39 one-off and includes a full 6 modules that take you through the steps of how to run your own influencer marketing campaigns. 


Influencer marketing is hands down the most effective strategy in 2020 for a B2C brand to grow it’s customer base rapidly. Our course helps brands take their influencer marketing campaigns from conception to successful execution. 

John Gordon

Lead Consultant, TribeGrowth

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