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Flipping properties isn’t for everybody. But flipping social media accounts in your niche just might be the next best thing you can do to make some good money. We asked Stefan von Imhof, Head of Product at Flippa and co-founder of Alternative Assets about how to buy, sell, and flip social media accounts.

“Social media accounts are one of the most underrated digital assets you can own. Pricing confusion and information asymmetry means many people don’t know how they should price their accounts. If you know where to look, you can find crazy good deals!

The best part about it is that you don’t have to work on the account all day. You can work growing one or multiple social media accounts on the side and sell them for good money. 

The internet is flooded with websites offering social media accounts for cheap, but most of them are scams, putting those on the hunt for good deals at risk.”

– Stefan von Imhof

So you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off, we went ahead and shortlisted the top marketplaces to buy & sell social media accounts. 

Top Marketplaces To Buy & Sell Social Media Accounts

#1 Fameswap

Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok accounts 

Faceswap is one of the oldest and most trusted social media account marketplaces and the right one to visit if you’ve never bought or sold an account before.

The website boasts account listings from over 50 countries, and you can get instant insights on every single listing. 

You can message buyers and sellers using the messaging system directly, and if you wish to exchange accounts, you can use the site’s secure escrow system for a hassle-free exchange.

#2 Swapd

Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Amazon accounts and more 

The Swapd forum has a highly active user base, and you will find accounts from virtually any social media platform for sale on it.

Some users also sell blogs, fan pages, websites, and accounts with rare handles from all social media platforms. You will also find listings for promoting your account on accounts with millions of followers on Swapd.

Swapd also has a mobile app where they offer exclusive deals. You can download it and get to buying and selling right away.

#3 Toofame

Instagram accounts

Toofame is one of the best websites to buy Instagram accounts from. 

The team at Toofame understands that Instagram has an ever-growing issue of botted accounts. Too many sellers inflate the price of their accounts by increasing engagement non-organically.

The team ensures that none of the accounts for sale on the website are grown using these tactics. Since the names of the accounts are visible to users before purchase, you can test the legitimacy of accounts yourself, too.

The seven-day money-back guarantee offered makes it one of the best marketplaces out there.

#4 Accs-market

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter accounts

Accs-market is an excellent marketplace for buying and selling accounts. 

The site guarantees sellers full protection against fraud. The account details and the funds are held by the marketplace and released to the appropriate parties.

With the marketplace playing a mediator, buyers also remain safe on the site. Buyers can search through the website with ease and find just the right account to buy.

#5 Social Tradia

Instagram accounts

The Toronto-based firm boasts an easy-to-use website that categorizes accounts for sale based on niche and number of followers.

One of the best things about this marketplace is that all transactions are carried out over well-established payment portals. If you’re selling on Social Tradia, you will receive the payment right into your PayPal account. 

Buyers receive the credentials of the accounts in their email. While buying and selling often takes as little as three hours, the company promises delivery within three business days. 

#6 EpicNPC

All Social Media Accounts

EpicNPC is one of the most versatile marketplaces for buying and selling social media accounts. You can buy and sell Twitch, Soundcloud, Snapchat, Reddit, Last.FM accounts and a lot more on the site.

Besides having an active user base that offers accounts from all social media platforms, the safety EpicNPC offers make it stand out.

If you are scammed while the middleman has control over the account, EpicNPC will refund the middleman fee, and you may also get a partial refund of the cost.

#7 ViralAccounts

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube accounts

Operating since 2010, ViralAccounts is one of the most trustworthy marketplaces you could buy and sell social media accounts on.

You can also buy or sell aged domains, established websites, blogs, forums, and virtually any other virtual asset on the site.

The site facilitates payments over PayPal, wire transfer, Bitcoin, and TransferWise. 

Buying Social Media Accounts Outside Of Marketplaces

You can always find a niche account/page on your social media platform of choice and DM them, asking whether they’re interested in selling. Accounts with 20,000 to 50,000 followers are in the sweet spot in terms of value.

If you decide to go this route, you will need to do the legwork yourself and make sure that the account is legitimate and that the followers are real and active.

Checking the comments on the posts is a great way to know whether the followers are bots. You can check whether the account is active by comparing the number of likes and comments with the number of followers. 

Alternatively, you can use tools like HypeAuditor to verify the legitimacy of the account before buying it.

But you must remember that buying accounts this way puts you at a greater risk of getting scammed. 

Make sure you pay for the account using PayPal using their “Goods and Services” function, so you have a chance of getting your money back if you get scammed.

How To Make Money After Buying A Social Media Account

Growing the account or page can get tricky at times. However, you will yield great results as long as you consistently put up content that catches attention. 

Selling the account off after growing it sufficiently isn’t the only way to make money. 

Companies may approach you to promote their products, and other Instagram users may pay you for a shoutout. If the account’s follower count grows enough, you could make thousands of dollars a month selling products and shoutouts.

Growing and selling social media accounts is one of the best side hustles you can have. If you’re skilled and find accounts in a niche that genuinely interests you, you can make thousands of dollars per account you sell.

With this list handy, the perfect account is a click away – buy it before someone else does!