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Disclaimer: I am completely biased in picking the headline for this post because I run an Instagram marketing agency and I want to help your brand build an audience on that channel.

Over the last year I have built an audience of over 28,000 followers on Twitter for my personal profile. If I tweet something I am very lucky to get 5 ‘likes’ or retweets.

Over the last 4 months I have built an audience of 3000 followers on my personal Instagram account. If I post something I am unlucky to get less than 50 likes.

Twitter has descended into a noisy platform. The only way I think you can get value out of it any longer as an individual is by having a highly selective list of users that you follow. If you follow more than 50 accounts you are never going to keep up with it all. Which means if you’re a brand, people will never see your posts.

“We have found Instagram to be a more engaging platform than Twitter. This is where we are planning to put more of our marketing time and dollars.” Stuart Clayton, Founder & Software Developer at Digital Pigeon

If you’re a B2C (business to consumer) brand, don’t waste your time and money on Twitter. Sure, register your account and get your username. But there’s almost no point building a large audience on the platform aside from social proof. And it’s simply because no one will ever see your content, because everyone follows too many people.

Instead, if you’re B2C – focus on Instagram. Instagram is visual. Instagram is engaging. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Why am I posting this?

It’s because we at TribeGrowth feel let down by Twitter. When we launched our social media service, we were excited about the prospect of helping brands build an audience and acquire customers over Twitter. But over time we gradually realised something. Sure, we could build up your profile by thousands of targeted followers every month. However, almost none of our clients were getting good engagement on their content.

Besides showing vanity metrics, what was the damn point?

On the side, we started helping a few clients grow their audience on Instagram. Looking at the numbers for our business, I noticed that our Instagram clients were paying more and staying with us longer – because they got more value.

So. It’s with a great deal of glee that I announce the shift for TribeGrowth as a business. We no longer grow your brand on Twitter, because there’s no point. Instead, we help you grow on Instagram.

Long live Instagram.  

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